4: The attacks on 911


On September 11, 2001 the U.S. attacked by terrorists.

These events were totally unexpected, and completely shocked the nation.

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for the attacks.

Their justification is:

  • The U.S. support of Israel, who they have issues with.
  • The presence of American Troops in Saudi Arabia
  • U.S. sanction against Iraq.

It was a four sided attack:

  • Pentagon
  • World Trade Center North Tower
  • World Trade Center South Tower
  • White House (failed)

What effects did it have?

After the attacks were carried out, violence and intolerance were carried out against Muslims - for being Muslim.

Some called for war against a Muslim country, for retribution.

Eventually they got it, with the wars against both Afghanistan and Iraq.

What happened to the country on 9/11 even lead to political assassinations (Bin Laden), and public executions (Sadaam Husseinn).

Now the U.S. is involved in the longest on going war that it has ever seen since.



A couple of firemen hoist the American flag amid the rubble.


Rolling clouds of smoke and debris stalk the streets of New York.